What do you want to do when your man gives you an unexpected blowjob? I'm sure you may think of something, but then what? You want to go all the way, right? Ok, I think you're being a little bolder than usual. What do you want to do if your man gives you a great toe-curling and incredibly arousing blowjob? I'm sure you'll want to win it some lottery, surely? Well, let's do it. You're going to win big, because although he doesn't know it yet, you're going to learn exactly how to give him the best blowjob of his entire life - a blowjob that will change his life forever - and it all starts tonight... It's a simple game, but it's all about having the right attitude. I don't care what you look like, if you're horny and in the mood for a toe curling orgasm, you had better be ready to play. I don't care if you're famous or famous not for your kiss, but if you know what the deal is and what you're capable of doing with your mouth, then you better be willing to give it a try. And I think you're going to be more than willing to show your man that he needs to learn how to please his woman. It's time to figure out a way to pleasure your man by pleasing him with the mouth. It's time to open your mind up and explore your man's most desired prize - his mouth. Most men can't say the word fellatio, but they would absolutely love if you wrapped your lips around their manhood. By now you have either received fellatio or they have blackmailed you - asking you to perform fellatio. The latter may be a signal to you to bring foreplay to a quicker end. Or, it may be a signal to them that they are in a state of arousal. Regardless of the timing, you can bet you want to give him the best blowjob of his life. It's time to get your mind blowing and your body shaking with anticipation. It's time to knock his socks off! Focus on the head of his penis. I don't think there is anything sexier than having the woman who is doing the sucking on the recipient of the oral loving the penis as it is. Remember to use your hands, your tongue, and your lips all on the head. Kiss the head. Nibble on the crown. Pay attention to his testicles. Guaranteed he is going to appreciate every one of those touches. One thing that you don't want to do is to start savoring the don'ts. Too much of a good thing; too much of a good thing is bad. This applies to oral sex. So unless you are already down there in pleasure, stop wasting your time. You are savoring some of the best pleasure you could ever imagine. So stop taking your time and start taking him to the ultimate blowjob.

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