What are you going to do if your man does you a favor? You may have an idea, but what then? You want to get all the way. Okay, you might be a bit bolder than usual. What would you do if your man gave you an incredibly stimulating and toe-curling blowjob? You'll surely want it all. Well, let's do it. You will win big because he may not know it yet but you will learn how to give him the best blowjob ever. It will transform his life. Although it is a simple game to play, the key is having the right attitude. It doesn't matter what your appearance is, as long as you are sexy and ready to indulge in a toe-curling orgasm, I don't care. It doesn't matter if your name is famous or not for your kisses, but I do care about what you know and how you can use your mouth to make it work. You'll be willing to teach your man how to please women, I believe. You have to find a way to please your man with his mouth. Let's open our minds and discover what your man wants most - his mouth. Although most men don't know how to say fellatio, they would love it if you wrapped your lips around them. You have probably either been offered fellatio, or they have tried to blackmail you by asking you to do fellatio. This may indicate that they want you to end your foreplay sooner. It could also be a sign that they are experiencing sexual stimulation. You can bet that you will give him the best blowjob of your life, regardless of the timing. This is the time to make your head spin and get your body tingling with anticipation. You're going to blow his socks off! The head of his penis is what you need to focus on. There is nothing more sexy than the woman doing the sucking on the female recipient of the oral, loving the penis as it stands. Keep your hands, tongue, and lips on the head. Kiss the head. Nibble on the crown. Pay close attention to his testicles. You can be sure he will appreciate each one of them. You don't want him to begin savoring all the don'ts. Too much of something good is bad. This is true for oral sex. If you're not already enjoying pleasure, don't waste your time. This is the ultimate pleasure. Stop wasting your time and take him to the ultimate blowjob.

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